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We're never excited to bring you this kind of news, but in this case the change is so significant that we feel a special sense of urgency to get you this information as soon as possible.

Beginning August 21, 2017 at midnight UTC (keep in mind: that's 5:00 PM PDT on August 20), prices on sixteen TLDs managed by Uniregistry will be increasing, in some cases by very significant amounts.

We do not have the final pricing yet but we do know the rough percentage increases on each TLD:

These increase will apply to all operations on these domains, so if you've always wanted one of these domains, now is the time to get it. If you have one already and it's not renewed up to the maximum registration period (10 years on all of these), now is the time to top it off. And if you have your domain registered elsewhere and want to consolidate your portfolio at Gandi, now's the time to transfer it. As you can see from the list above, the savings could be significant.

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Retailers eager to take advantage of the turkey-addled brains of the thanks-giving public and their enthusiasm to counteract the dismal effects of winter's cold, grey, lightless days with compulsory present-giving have devised Black Friday, today.

And if you're one of those who would gladly camp out Thanksgiving night or have been listening to Christmas carols since Halloween (or if you're providing the sweet relief of sweet Holiday deals to such people), have we got a deal on some great domains.

Not only will .blackfriday domains be available for $3.00 per year (normally $51.01) from now until November 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM PST but .christmas will be on sale for $3.00 per year (normally $38.34) and .gift will also be going for just $3.00 per year (normally $21.75) during the same timeframe.

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Who doesn't want to get a jump on the holidays, when everything gets so busy, and you say to yourself "why didn't I do that back in July, when I had time?"...

Well now is the time! These specifically holday-themed domains will go fast, and you can be among the first to get the good names! Why not be prepared this year for the big sales? 

Here are links to the TLD pricing pages and the price of a one-year registration at A rates:


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Seven new gTLDs are coming to Gandi.

You'll find the list of newcomers below, along with a link to the TLD's pricing page and the dates and prices (A rates) corresponding to the Sunrise, Landrush, and GoLive phases:

  • .BLACKFRIDAY Sunrise (ends 30 June): $335.34 | GoLive (8 July): $51.01
  • .CHRISTMAS     Sunrise (ends 30 June): $328.67 | GoLive (8 July): $38.34
  • .CONSULTING  Sunrise (ends 16 June): $173.68 | Landrush (25 June to 14 July): $193.67 | GoLive (23 July): $38.34
  • .HAUS Sunrise (ends 14 July): $173.68 | Landrush (23 July to 11 August): $193.67 | GoLive (20 August): $38.34
  • .LUXURY Landrush (10 May to 11 Aug): $658.66 | GoLive (19 May): $458.66
  • .ROCKS Sunrise (ends 30 June): $149.68 | Landrush (9 to 28 July): $157.68 | GoLive (6 August): $15.54
  • .شبكة GoLive (4 February): $19.34

Note that .شبكة ("network" in Arabic), which has been in GoLive since February, can only be used with domains in Arabic script.

As usual: The Sunrise phase is reserved for those with TMCH-registered trademarks.
If you're really determined to get a domain, but don't hold the corresponding trademark, you can register during the Landrush phase.
Once a TLD enters the GoLive phase, it's open for registration at normal prices by anyone meeting the Registry's rules.


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