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We're never excited to bring you this kind of news, but in this case the change is so significant that we feel a special sense of urgency to get you this information as soon as possible.

Beginning August 21, 2017 at midnight UTC (keep in mind: that's 5:00 PM PDT on August 20), prices on sixteen TLDs managed by Uniregistry will be increasing, in some cases by very significant amounts.

We do not have the final pricing yet but we do know the rough percentage increases on each TLD:

These increase will apply to all operations on these domains, so if you've always wanted one of these domains, now is the time to get it. If you have one already and it's not renewed up to the maximum registration period (10 years on all of these), now is the time to top it off. And if you have your domain registered elsewhere and want to consolidate your portfolio at Gandi, now's the time to transfer it. As you can see from the list above, the savings could be significant.

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IaaS customers are now able to use a new feature that allows purchasing credits for someone else.

We have implemented this feature with three purposes in mind:

  • The many opensource projects hosted at Gandi which could benefit from sponsors who buy hosting credits for them,
  • Websites that host communities (videogames, cultural, associations, etc.) and would like to ask for active help from their members,
  • If you manage servers for your customers, you can now ask them to pay for their server and only bill for the service you provide.

The system works by indicating the Gandi handle that you want to buy credit for either during the online order process or by going directly to https://www.gandi.net/credit/buy?handle=XX123-GANDI (be sure to change the handle at the end!), and puttting this link on your site for example.

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